Portland’s Music Millennium Mural Process

Just checking in on some amazing work done earlier this year by our friends PSAA down in Portland. PSAA is Portland Street Art Alliance, an awesome organization working for the advancement of street art and doing some amazing things down in PDX.

Originally published September 5th 2013 by PSAA Portland:

Last spring, Portland Street Art Alliance and two local artists, The Lost Cause and Jon Stommel, successfully completed a community-funded mural on the backside of Music Millennium (3158 E Burnside). The artists worked with Terry Currier, the owner of Music Millennium, to create a design that would be reminiscent of the record store’s psychedelic roots. They decided on a colorful Beatles-inspired array of happy characters and swirling patterns. Here’s our new video documenting some of that creative process!

The Lost Cause: flickr.com/tlc_pdx -or- facebook.com/thelostcause.va

Jon Stommel: rathersevere.blogspot.com