What’s new in the Seattle mural scene?

While Seattle Mural Project is currently not developing any mural projects at this time, we are very excited about some projects being organized by some of our friends in the mural department.

SODO Track

Probably the biggest news in Seattle murals right now is the huge project SODO Track being undertaken by Seattle’s 4culture and Urban Artworks. With over 50 artists, 32 buildings, stretching two miles and spanning the course of 3 years, SODO Track is a behemoth endeavor to say the least. Both 4culture and Urban Artworks have a long standing history of organizing great art. Recently Paul Allen has stepped in to help support the project contributing a very generous $50,000! This is sure to bring amazing and long lasting works to Seattle. Follow the SODO Track instagram page!

SODO Track artwork in progress by Mary Iverson

SODO Track artwork in progress by Mary Iverson


Another project that we’re totally excited about is artSEA, the new mural initiative organized by The World is Fun (TWIF). With an impressive roster of twelve international and local artists and growing, we’re super excited to see what they have in store for the summer of 2017. This summer they completed two impressive projects starting in July with a humongous 350 foot walkway project at Seattle Center by Baltimore duo Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn.

Liquid Sunshine - artSEA project, photo credit jessieandkatey.com

Liquid Sunshine – artSEA project, photo credit jessieandkatey.com

In August artSEA invited New York based artist Cern to breathe some life into a well deserving wall at Seattle’s Regrade Park in the densely populated Belltown neighborhood.

Artwork by Cern photo courtesy of artSEA instagram

Artwork by Cern photo courtesy of artSEA instagram

Working with the Downtown Seattle Association and Seattle Parks and Recreation,  Cern and artSEA envisioned this vibrant canine themed mural perfectly situated in the dog off-leash area at Regrade Park. This welcome addition of color is appreciated by local residents, park patrons and dog owners as it helps to bring a needed contemporary aesthetic to the once relinquished park. Awesome work thanks to Cern and the artSEA team.

Some great artists are involved with artSEA such as Seattle favorites They Drift and once Seattle resident Karl Addison who now lives and works out of Berlin Germany. Addison has already created a very cool mural at the TWIF offices which can be seen on the artSEA website. We hope Addison comes back to do some more awesome murals for the artSEA project in Seattle.  You can follow the artSEA instagram page for great pics of the project. With many more artists committed to the artSEA project we cant wait to see what great upcoming murals they organize.

Exciting times for Seattle murals!

We’ve had the opportunity to work with both Urban Artworks, and The World is Fun and have seen 4culture support some amazing art initiatives. They are all great groups that have brought amazing art and events to the Seattle area. We’re so happy to see these groups working on great mural initiatives and cant wait to see more! If you are an artist or a property owner and want to get involved with either of these projects head over to their respective websites for contact information. artSEA and SODO Track.