We need your help to secure our funding! Sign up to volunteer.

We need your help to support Seattle Mural Project (Formerly Stunning Seattle) (and don’t worry, we’re not asking for money). Without your help we may be in danger of losing our city funding. The City is asking that we renew our volunteers and that means we need people to sign up ASAP to show The City of Seattle that folks are still interested in giant murals on Capitol Hill. It will only take you a minute and it’s totally easy. There is no obligation for signing up and in doing so you will tell The City to move forward with this great project.

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We know that the summer of 2014 is eons away but The City is requiring this of us ASAP. We ask you to please sign up if you can or pass this along to friends or family that you many have that reside in the Capitol Hill or East District neighborhoods.

Remember, this doesn’t obligate you to volunteer, The City just wants us to be able to show the community commitment we have. If you are not able to help when the time comes we totally understand!

Want to know what Seattle Mural Project / Stunning Seattle is about? Check out our Facebook Page

Go Here to sign up now!

10 Comments On “We need your help to secure our funding! Sign up to volunteer.”

  1. I support this project! Public art inspires people to be better, live better!

  2. Ashley Driscoll-Perez

    Murals = education. Beautify the city and speak to the people.

  3. More art!

  4. I will help anyway I can

  5. .where visual beauty happens, people follow.

  6. Good luck guys!

  7. we need murals! keep it going!

  8. The arts make up such a huge part of Seattle’s identity, why people want to live and visit here. Seeing art around a city shows that a city acknowledges this and cares. Personally, it makes me feel more happy and comfortable anywhere I visit. So yes, please support the murals in Seattle!

  9. Support public art!

  10. Keep seattle better then Portland. More murals for everyone.

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