Bid opportunity for painting contractors

We are soliciting contractor bids for painting prep and consultation. Our job includes assistance in two areas:

A. Selection, arrangement, setup and teardown of man lift equipment, either cherry picker, scaffold or otherwise based on contractor recommendation. This equipment would be used for prep and priming, and by our painters for mural painting.

B. Evaluation of the painting surface(s) with delivery of recommendations for wall prep procedure and estimated prep duration. Prep procedures should take into consideration existing wall coatings and sealants such as elastomeric technologies. Procedures will be determined that will eliminate damage to any weather barrier coatings. Procedures will take into consideration compatibility issues between existing coatings, and newly applied primers, sealants, and subsequent paint layers. Procedures will be designed with the objective of avoiding “catastrophic” paint failure for the duration of 3 to 5 years.

The bidding opportunity ends Wednesday June 25th. unless otherwise posted.
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We need your donation. Even a small donation will make the biggest difference. The city won’t just write us a check. They will only reimburse us after we’ve purchased the necessary supplies – such as paint, scaffolding and safety equipment – ourselves. Your contribution will literally make this project come to life.

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Online voting closes – Artists announced soon!

The vote is in!

The votes are in, the polls are closed.  We’re working with property owners to make the final selection.  Stay tuned for exciting artist announcements! We’ll be revealing each artist and their winning submissions SOON. We’ve even got a few surprises up our sleeves like super secret artists and additional locations which we are going to announce.

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